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QHHT session aftercare

After a session:


It is recommended that you first listen to your recording alone before sharing with others. There may be parts that you don’t clearly recall once you are fully awake, similar to the way that you can remember a dream as soon as you wake up, but as the day progresses the information fades and disappears.

It is recommended that you listen to your recording frequently, especially at the beginning as more insights will come to you every time you listen to it and the healing benefits will also be reinforced.

Please do not listen to the recording whist driving or performing any dangerous activity that require your full attention, as you may go into a light trance just by listening to the session again.

​You will feel re-energised and wonderful after the session, as after a long and restful sleep.

Please drink plenty of water after the session and this will also help you to eliminate toxins or by-products that were released during the session.

During the session you will have re-ignited or enhanced the communication between the analytical and creative/imaginative areas of your brain. This facilitates the equilibrium within your brain and the relaxed feeling after the session will continue for a few days.

You may notice that you sleep deeply and restfully for the first few nights. It is also common to experience very vivid dreams following the session as more information may still be brought forward to your conscious mind via your dreams.


It is recommended that you write down in a journal any vivid dreams you experience when you wake up and try spending some time analysing what they may be representing or bringing up for you to clear.

Resist the logical mind’s attempt to make sense of the more expansive experiences during the session by trying to fit them into conventional rigid frameworks. It is common to question whether you imagined or made up some of the experiences. Try to focus on how they made you feel during the session and what they were trying to show you categorically, metaphorically, as an analogy, symbolically or in subliminal alternative reality. Your subconscious mind could have shown you anything, so there must be a reason, even if unknown to the logical mind, for these scenes or experiences to be chosen. Honour and trust your higher intelligence and intuition to know what is best for your growth and healing.

It is not uncommon for old emotions to come to surface, even if you thought you had dealt with them a very long time ago. They are revealed as part of the healing process. Do not suppress them. Just allow the emotions to come, embrace them, analyse why you are feeling that way and let them go. Be the observer and not the victim. You do not need to re-live these feelings if they feel unpleasant, you can just allow them out of the dark hidden closet and into the light of awareness and understanding.

If you feel you require further support dealing with and processing the information that has been made available to you during your session, I also offer supportive therapies, such as energy healing/reiki, crystal healing and intuitive guidance/coaching. Follow up hypnotherapy sessions can also be useful if you would like to focus on a particular subject, but these are not a requirement. These are just additional services that you may choose to explore to complement the healing and expansion of knowledge that will take place after a QHHT session.

Allow yourself time to process and reflect on what you experienced and how it has changed your perception of certain situations or feelings in your life. This will help you to identify the best way forward and to intuitively guide you in your future decisions, helping and supporting you as you break old patterns of behaviour. This inward-outward process can help free and release you from limiting beliefs, so that you can achieve your full potential and re-align with your true, joyful, magnificent self.

Spend a few moments every day in gratitude for the emotional, physical and mental healing that you are going through, even if it is slightly uncomfortable at times. Be in a state of gratitude and trust that your body has healed and will continue to heal.


Be thankful for the guidance that your higher perspective self has provided during the session and follow your intuition and gut feelings as your life unfolds.

"Don't be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart."


Roy T Bennett

"It's fine to celebrate success, but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure."

Bill Gates

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