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yin-and-yang balancing of polarities

Preparing for a QHHT/BQH session

Please be aware of a few limitations:



  • These sessions are strictly confidential and between you and me. No one will be allowed to be present with you in person or via phone.


If you are having an in-person session, I do not have a waiting area, therefore if you need someone to bring you to the session on the day, please ensure that they drop you off and collect you at pre-arranged times. They will not be able to phone you or me, or ring the bell whilst we are in the session.


I do not perform sessions on:


  1. Children (younger than 16 years old), but surrogate sessions can be performed instead as a very effective alternative. Please ask for further details.

  2. Due to the nature of these sessions and certain medications, I am unable to support clients diagnosed with certain severe mental health disorders, such as schizophrenia, delusional / paranoid disorders or multiple personality disorders.


  • The client needs to be able to hear and speak during the session, therefore people with severe hearing /speech disability from birth or incapacitated due to illness are not suitable to undertake these session. In these cases surrogate sessions can be an alternative. Please ask for further details.


  • The client must also be able to understand and speak English to a level that a dialogue can be established and flow.


  • I don’t do house visits. Sessions are either online or at my house.

How to prepare for a session

  • Have an open and curious mind. Try to free yourself from limiting expectations, so that you can be surprised by greater things that you could not imagine. 

  • Prepare a list of the key questions you would like to focus on in the session.

    Aim to have a maximum of 10 key questions. If you would like to ask more questions, please make a separate second list with less important questions or curiosities so that if time is not limited we can address those.

  • As soon as you decide to have a session your subconscious mind will start the process of deciding what needs to be released or healed, so allow yourself a few days to ponder over the questions and the feelings that they evoke within you.

  • Sometimes during the preparation process, you may recall long forgotten, “weird”, or very vivid memories or dreams. Write these down and question their significance, or the way they made you feel. It may be that your subconscious mind has already started the healing process and is trying to get your attention to a certain area that you need to focus on. By spending some time alone, being introspective, you will create a solid basis for the session within yourself, emotionally and mentally.


During the session

The first part of the session will be dedicated to me finding more about yourself and your background, then discussing your questions, identifying issues you would like to release or further understand about yourself, as well as a general overview of your life and the key people in it. This is also an opportunity to ask me any questions or discuss any concerns you may have. I’m here to explain the process to you and put your mind at ease.

​I will then lead you into a comfortable deep state of trance by taking you through a visualisation or guided meditation. Once this state is reached, my role is to act as a journalist, seeking the answers to your questions from your subconscious mind. You will be conscious at all times.

Don’t worry if you think you’re not good at visualising pictures, as the information can come in via any of your senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, or a simple clear inner feeling or knowing.

Please remember that although we will focus on your questions, it is still your subconscious mind that will be directing the session and determining what the most beneficial and healing experience is for you at this point in your life. This may be experienced in the form of childhood memories, past life regression memories, future life progression, alternative existences or non-physical expressions.

My advice is to be open minded, trusting that the main job of your subconscious is to protect you, so it will never show you more than you can deal with and you can always stop it at any time. It is always better to not have a preconception or anticipation of what will come up, so that you can allow yourself to be led by the flow of your own knowing and wisdom.

The session is structured to integrate the various aspects of your multilevel mind:

1.Pre-talk and discussion: communication with and from your conscious mind

2.Hypnosis: communication and revelation from your subsconscious mind and wisdom from memories,           past lives or other existences

3.After session chat: communication and explanation of any questions you may have at a conscious             mind level

​You will be lying down in a comfortable position. It is better to wear warm clothes (if appropriate) as your body temperature may drop a little as you will be deeply relaxed as if you were asleep. I will also provide a blanket in case you do feel cold during the session.

The whole session is recorded in an mp3 audio file which will be sent to you after the session. You are welcome to record the session on your own device or phone once you are in the trance state. Please note the induction stage cannot be recorded due to copyright restrictions.

I will also ask your subconscious mind to do a body scan to identify any potential areas of concern or discomfort and the best way to alleviate those.

You will be in a safe environment and all information disclosed during the session is strictly confidential.

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