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"All that was great in the past was ridiculed, condemned, combated, suppressed - only to emerge all the more powerfully, all the more triumphantly from the struggle."

Nikola Tesla

"The biggest risk is not taking any risk. In a world that's changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks."

Mark Zuckerberg - creator of Facebook

Holistic Practice


Photo of Fernanda Castro

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything"

-Lao Tzu, Chinese philosopher - 533 BC

My Background

From an early age I showed an interested in the unknown, seeking a clearer understanding of questions concerning the origin of that constant voice in our heads, the role of emotions and why people will perceive the same situation differently. Well-established and rigid ideas based on what science defined as "real or true" or religious teachings proclaimed to also be set-in-stone laws always felt very restrictive, separatist and limiting to me.


As I grew older, I was instinctively more attracted to explore more expansive, flexible and forgiving concepts based on ideologies which allowed for change and growth over time. Just like human beings and humanity at large which change and evolve. This quest for knowledge and the impulse to ask deep questions about the bigger picture led me to pursue a career in science as a scientific researcher in a attempt to verify if what was accepted as truth was actually universal truths.

I spent more than 15 years in higher education exploring the fields of human physiology and drug development, but more importantly the interaction between these systems.  I specialised in what is still one of the most obscure fields in science, called Immunology. Immunologists study the immune system and how your body has evolved and adapted over thousands of years to fight a variety of bacteria/viruses and recover from injury without destroying itself in the process. Academically, I have a BSc and Masters degree in Pharmacology and a PhD in Immunotherapy and Cancer Biology. My focus has been primarily on learning how to manipulate the immune system using new therapeutic agents to improve cancer treatments. My successful research career has been fruitful and generated high impact publications and presentations at international conferences in this field.  

My methodical, scientific and matter-focused “left-brain” training has enabled me to analyse data in the light of current established knowledge in order to develop new treatments, but always pushing boundaries to improve outcomes.  Having started my career conducting scientific experiments in laboratories in the USA, Switzerland and UK, I progressed to a position as a cancer clinical trial coordinator setting up and managing clinical trials at world renowned hospitals in London, UK. I'm also a certified Mental Health First Aid practitioner (MHFA, National Institute of Mental Health in England is part of a national approach to improving public mental health).

However, despite my love for science, as time passed I realised that science or rigid religious institutions could not answer my questions to MY satisfaction. (I highlight MY here, because I can only speak for myself and would not like to impose my beliefs on anyone). My quest for the forgotten and buried wisdom within our own bodies and minds was not satisfied in the world of the so called “hard core science” that generates only physical evidence based conclusions. There is crucial inherent information in subjective experience that extends beyond an exhaustive physical description. 

On the polar opposite, I was raised in the Roman Catholic religion and attended a religious school for 8 formative years. Although I appreciated the Christian teachings of love and compassion taught at school and that are also part of my cultural background being from Brazil, I often found myself reaching out to my intuitive mind rather than simply relying on what I had learnt academically, culturally or was told by religious figures. 


I sought alternative sources of information and this exploration of unfamiliar territory stretched and challenged me (and my beliefs). Yet, I was always compelled to investigate these areas further as I found that, despite the sometimes contradictory beliefs, a commonality among the various schools of thought (from ancient teaching to more modern philosophies) was emerging. In particular the idea that maybe we would never find all the answers in one specific discipline, favoring instead an ever changing blend of personal truths; and the incredible value of getting to truly know your inner nature by self-inquiry. This was when the seedlings of my curiosity about the more intuitive/abstract/creative “right-brain” approach to my questions began to sprout and flourish, leading me on an inspiring path of self-discovery and spiritual development. 

Watch my interview with the inspiring Earl Hall at



Holistic Integrative Therapies

From then on, a whole new phase of learning started for me. I craved more knowledge in this new field of research and attended numerous courses about different modalities of healing, extrasensory perceptions and spiritual development. I studied and attended lectures, hands-on workshops with many of the leading teachers in the spiritual development field, such as Lee Harris, Lee Carroll (Kryon), Diana Cooper, Judy Hall, Paul Selig, Dr Brian Weiss, Gregg Braden, Lynne  McTaggart, Joe Dispenza, Otto Haddad and many others, to all of whom I am very grateful for their support and wisdom. 

This varied training is the basis for the supportive energy therapies that I offer to you now:  

What I came to realise is that although acquiring external knowledge can be important and necessary at times, it is the actual personal experience that is key to fully understanding the answers to your own questions.  The difference between believing something you were told by a teacher, therapist or religious figure and knowing  something  within yourself, is the fact that you experienced and lived it. By knowing it, you cannot ignore how you felt and perceived the situation and that is independent of what others think of it. There is a clarity and certainty that accompanies inner knowing which does not require any intellectual analysis. And once you know something you cannot un-know it, you are forever changed even if you choose to ignore it.


Knowledge is learned.

Wisdom is remembered.

  • Certified Angelic Reiki® Master

  • Intuitive metaphysical coach

  • Multi-dimensional channeler 

  • Crystal energy therapy

  • Chakra balancing techniques practitioner

  • Grounding and protection work 

  • Soul clearing and release

  • Mental Health First Aid practitioner (MHFA certified under National Institute of Mental Health in England (NIMHE))

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Quantum physics shows us that we are all made of vibrating energy particles that create a quantum (meaning a multi-dimensional) energetic biological field. Science is still catching up on how to measure these subtle frequencies emanated by our bodies, emotions and souls  using current technology. By feeling comfortable to surrender to this inner energy, which contains information and wisdom, we can discover a new way of re-balancing and self-healing. 

Following a period supporting clients energetically using complementary vibrational energy healing therapies, I decided to expand my expertise with the intention to empower my clients to re-connect to their own inner knowing and guidance system without necessarily the need for a long-term external source of help such as a therapist. 

After researching the field, I felt that becoming a certified Level 2 Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHTSM) and Beyond Quantum Healing (BQHHT®) Practitioner would provide me with the set of tools necessary to achieve my goal.


In this role I can facilitate for a client a re-connection with their inner knowing and allow them to experience their answers themselves. 

This exciting and challenging journey has identified a role for me acting as a bridge between these currently perceived as polar opposite perceptions and experiences of life:

       The “logical/masculine/scientific” left-brain-oriented view:

founded on absolute tried and tested empirical methodologies; and 

       The “creative/intuitive/feminine/spiritual” right-brain-oriented view: founded on the ever present, subjective, intangible and infinite inner wisdom that we all have within ourselves.


I think the integration and balance of the healing arts with the healing sciences will provide us with the best opportunity to heal our physical, mental and emotional aspects, so that we can truly experience all that life has to offer on any given day.  If we strive to be a more balanced and loving individual and make choices based on these values, life will automatically reflect these changes and a more inclusive and integrative society will emerge.

It is with this heart-felt, pure intent to be of service and support to others, that I apply a holistic approach with my clients, by which I mean encompassing both polarities and therefore the whole individual.

We all go through challenges in life, but we also enjoy wonderful times with people we love and awe-inspiring moments surrounded by the beauty of nature and incredibly touching gestures shown by people and animals with which we co-exist. This range of experiences teaches us valuable lessons about who we are and where we come from. These experiences are what make us unique, and are the foundation of this inner guidance which shows us where we are going and how best to perceive and manage our current lives and realities.   


By deepening our understanding of why certain things have happened in our lives, we can create a more fulfilled and joyful life. We can enhance our awareness, appreciate what we have already achieved and focus on living in this NOW moment. This can all be achieved if we open our minds to our magnificence as human beings and the vastness of the possibilities constantly available to us at each given moment.

My role is to help you to ask yourself the most important questions and to facilitate and support you in your self-discovery and healing. My aim is not to cure you, because I don’t believe we should give our power away to anyone. Rather, we should appreciate the grace of free-will that has been bestowed upon us. This gift of choice comes with the responsibility of asking difficult questions about ourselves and our life choices, as well as requiring us to have the courage to accept and forgive our decisions in the past and let go of whatever no longer serves us.

As a QHHT and BQH practitioner, I will act as a curious scientist and journalist, researching the lost wisdom. I will help you to ask the most relevant questions of your subconscious mind in an attempt to bring to your conscious awareness the relevant information from your own forgotten inner wisdom. Viewing your challenges and achievements from a higher perspective (i.e. your higher-mind or higher-self) will help you to determine your next steps towards a more balanced and joyful life. One school of thought suggests that your higher mind (the aspect of you with the high mountain top view and future perspective) conceives the intuitive ideas, inspirational thoughts and gut instincts you have at an energetic level. These are then received by your physical brain, which acts more like a radio receiver of these quantum energies containing data and information, and these are subsequently perceived/experienced via your physical senses (visual, auditory, emotional, physical touch etc) and translated by your conscious mind as your reality.

As you process and put into practice the advice received from your  higher mind or inner wisdom you may need some support. If so, I can also provide personalised sessions of vibrational energy based therapies which combine a variety of modalities such as Reiki, crystal therapy, aromatherapy, sound therapy, chromotherapy and intuitive coaching.

It is with this pure intent that I welcome you to my site and invite you to join me on a journey to uncover the forgotten wisdom within your own subconscious mind and find a path towards self-healing, personal empowerment and development.

picture of the room where sessions take place

Cosy room with an en-suite bathroom for easy access during the sessions.

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