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"This is the second QHHT session I have with Fernanda. The sessions themselves are very intense, it feels like therapy in steroids. There is so much love, but also so much learning. The process itself is always a very intense and enjoyable experience. As a therapist, Fernanda creates a space of trust that enable one to feel safe and step into this unknown, yet familar space. I would recommend Fernanda to guide you through the journey if you are curious about QHHT.  " 

Ana Y.

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"Fernanda is a remarkable QHHT practitioner. Her voice exudes empathy. As a skilled practitioner, she guides you really well through the session."


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"I think Fernanda is an exceptional therapist. Having her kind and professional support was invaluable. Some of the memories/images I went through were a bit difficult, but her guidance lightened the journey.

My interest in QHHT comes from my deep enjoyment of Dolores Cannon's books. Perhaps due to all the reading I had expectations: I had hoped to get into the somnambulistic state of complete unawareness. Rather, the session was more like lucid dream - which is also a very powerful state - (I am not expert on hypnosis, just Yoga Teacher that also teaches Yoga Nidra ). This is a powerful state and perfect for someone who prefers to stay aware and in some level of control. In my case, I think I would have preferred the unconscious state, probably lack of self-trust. In any case, I know it was a very profound experience.

The guidance, the preparation, all the time and dedication she takes to explain the process, is wonderful. Now I feel much more connected to my own intuition and I trust much more my innerguidance. I'm truly grateful and happy I undertook this journey with her!"


Flowers Exhibition


"Highly recommended!!

I had the most amazing experience during my qhht session. If you're thinking about doing it, please just go for it - my session was deeply healing and enlightening. I still can't get over it.

I've been a fan of Dolores Cannon for a while, and was excited about my first session with Fernanda - she didn't disappoint! Fernanda is incredibly professional, welcoming and helpful. I felt very comfortable and at ease with her, and in her workspace. She explained everything so clearly beforehand, so that I was prepared and the session ran very smoothly.

I'm very pleased to have found Fernanda!"


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"Fernanda is incredibly professional and even for someone who is experiencing Quantum Healing for the first time, she guides you in a lot of detail from beginning to end, before and after the session.  Personally, I found the materials she sent ahead of the session to better prepare for it were incredibly helpful as it became clear to me what the process was all about and allowed me to arrive at the session with an open mind, and very relaxed.  Another crucial thing is Fernanda's combination of being very skilful and kind.  Many things can emerge from our sub-conscious and Fernanda had the ability to deal with them accurately, kindly and in a way that has been very helpful for my life after the session.  I am very grateful and highly recommend"

D. Bola



I had a session with Fernanda and it was a wonderful experience. 

She is warm, open and understanding so it's really easy to talk to her. 

She guided the session with knowledge and kindness and was most patient with what was coming up.

Months later I am still getting insights from the session. Thankyou,Fernanda” 


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"QHHT session with Fernanda was an amazing experience. I have discovered where my emotional and health struggles come from and I'm on a path of healing them and it all makes sense now finally. I was very impressed with Fernanda's techniques and she put me in such an ease to relax and just let go and open up which I have never done before! She explained everything so clearly to me and had follow up emails which helped me clarify the process even better. I have now booked another session with her and I can't wait to go through that experience again. I can't recommend her enough!"


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"I'm hoping to encourage and contribute to all seekers who are looking for the right therapist to help you to know a little more about yourself, I share my  personal experience with Fernanda.


I found a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere when I met Fernanda for the session. She welcomes you with her charisma and care. She made me feel welcomed and above all, that I was in good hands.

With her sweet and calm voice, she helped me by asking the right questions to narrate my experience in the best possible way during the hypnosis.


I think that if the synchronicities have guided you here, just trust and let yourself be carried away by the magic of the journey."


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"I would highly recommend Fernanda. I listened to my intuition when choosing her and felt that she was the perfect person for me. The communication before and during the session was very good and she communicated everything well and was really caring and patient. She also had vast knowledge across a range of areas - as well as being an amazing intuitive healer. She worked with me on a lot of issues- some were really big areas and she was well equipped to deal with them. She also didn’t rush me and gave me enough time to explore and process the information that came up. I got so much from the session and feel much lighter and more focused and positive as a result of it. It was also great to meet someone who I felt comfortable talking to and who could empathize and understand my situation. "


Blue Hummingbird


" Fernanda is such a gift to all of us looking for self guidance and self empowerment. 


She will welcome you warmly and kindly and her personality will make you feel at ease immediately. 


This might sound very basic but the physical environment ( room with en suite bathroom )where she performs the QHHT session is just perfect. She makes sure the temperature is perfect and you will feel very comfortable which is key for this session. 


She makes the session very easy to follow. The great thing about Fernanda and - this is one of the main things that makes me recommend her strongly - is that after the seemly short  period of time used for  pre-discussion, when the session starts,  she becomes this person that knows you perfectly, and knows exactly how to guide you through the session so you get the most out of it. It feels like she knows you like you know yourself.  She has the ability to conduct the consultation with care and attention to detail so that when is finished you really feel that all your questions have been answered. 


I highly recommend Fernanda. 

You’ll be truly in very good hands. "


Hindu Temple


"I was searching for a suitable QHHT practitioner and was drawn to explore the 'Forgotten Wisdom'. The research background of Fernanda and her journey so far was so impressive that I instantly got connected and I knew I can trust her for this unique experience! 


Firstly the room itself is so serene that relaxes you thoroughly. There is something magical in the place and about her. The intention is so pure to help you seek answers by accessing your inner wisdom. I would say just trust the process and flow with the flow without being judgemental. Fernanda explains the process really well and sets the expectations in such details that's reassuring. 


The session itself gives you a lot of perspective over your own choices and to understand the root cause. The recording is shared with you for you to access it later. You are totally aware throughout the session and basically you drive it. Fernanda is marvelous in facilitating it and asking right questions. I highly recommend that you take the QHHT session with Fernanda! It's an unforgettable experience!"


Colorful Streams


"The session with Fernanda was rich and enlightening. Fernanda is a wise and compassionate professional, who carefully explains and drives you through the process based on your pace and needs. The whole process helped me learn even more about myself, my needs, expectations and wrong bias. I can't recommend enough to someone in search of better understanding and adjusting its own journey. Thanks so much Fernanda."

Ana M

Christian Booklet


"It was my first QHHT session. During the initial booking enquiries, Fernanda exchanged emails guiding me with what to expect and how to approach, which made all the difference for me. Session was handled very professionally and sensitively by her. I felt very comfortable and at ease during the session. She  also helped me post-session to understand the guidance that came through in a profound way. I highly recommend having a session with her." 


Reiki Therapy


"I wasn't sure what to expect, but I can honestly say that Fernanda was amazing.

She made me feel instantly at ease and she explained everything in detail so that I felt completely comfortable, and able to be fully open and present.

The whole experience was incredible and I have benefitted hugely from the healing and realisations that occurred. Highly recommend xx"


Traditional incense village of Ha Noi, Vietnam


Thank you so much for the session. I loved the session and am so grateful for the experience, some of the things I saw and that came up were mind blowing to me (I’ve been researching the Pleiadians and it totally resonates!).” 


Road to Monument Valley


“This experience has been a wonderful window into things that I’ve been wanting to explore about myself for a long time. Just a few days after the session, I am already noticing subtle changes in my perceptions of things and am able to be more accepting towards aspects of my inner child and wounded parts. Fernanda was lovely to talk with and she has such a grounded and nurturing energy that made it very easy to feel at-ease and relaxed. She explained what the flow would be like and was very good at taking the questions that I had for the session and weaving them into a conversation which resulted in some very profound information that came through! I am very grateful to have been guided to Fernanda for this part of my healing journey. She has such a beautiful gift of holding space for others to initiate their own healing. Many thanks to this lovely soul!” 


Painters Palette


"For a long time I looked for a therapist that could guide me again through a QHHT regresion. Since I already experienced a couple of them with two different therapists, I had high expectations.

Fernanda didn't disappoint. She was very welcoming and really took her time to explain everything. I also felt that she gave me tips and guidance that I haven’t received before to make the process easier to follow.

I also loved that we have time to discuss the experience, and get a proper closure. I left feeling light and happy.

Thank you so much Fernanda, I am very grateful and will recommend you without hesitation to anyone looking to experience a QHHT regresion."


Red Lantern


"It's an interesting journey to do the hypnosis session with Fernanda. Even though I am still not sure about the past life exist or not, but the images appeared and the scanning body experience during the hypnosis session provide me a lot of materials about understanding myself. Fernanda's leading is professional and trusted. It's really a worthy and marvelous experience. I've share my experiences and feelings with friends and colleagues. They are attracted by my narrative, and would like to have a try in the near future."


Dramatic Sunset over the Mountains


" I am just writing to thank you for your dedication to your work and will to support people in their quest to find answers to burning issues in their lives.


With me you did your best to inform me, support and encourage me. You devoted your time and energy and patiently guided me through the QHHT process.


I wish you brave young lady all the best in the world at your new endeavours.


Wild Path


“I was lucky enough to have a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session with Dr Fernanda Castro a few days ago.  I didn’t really know what to expect as I had never experienced this before but Fernanda quickly put my mind at rest as she is incredibly kind and gentle but equally very professional so I knew I was in safe hands from the moment I walked in.  She made me feel so welcome and relaxed.


The whole session from the start was effortless, gentle and fascinating.  Fernanda really listens and cares as she guides you through each step of the session so beautifully, in the best way to gain the most useful information to answer your questions.  


Personally I found that the session gave me so much information and peace of mind.  It was fascinating and a truly wonderful experience.  I would recommend this to anyone who is interested to learn more and to do so in a very gentle and nurturing way.


 Thank you so much Fernanda for everything!"


Top of the Mountain


"I had a fantastic experience during my hypnosis session with Fernanda. She was very detailed in explaining every part of the session, which helped me to feel at easy. I felt very comfortable with the whole process. Fernanda is very knowledgeable and experienced. I’d definitely recommend her services."


Ice Cream


"This session was really trasnforming, I had one 8 years earlier with another practicioner and I am glad I came accross Fernanda who guided the session really well and help me to get the information most relevant for my healing. I reccommend this technique to anyone that is ready to move on, embracing the healing and the change that come with it. Thank you a lot for such useful session, I will be back in time."


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"My QHHT session with Fernanda was very interesting.
It is fascinating to look back and connect the dots afterwards, finding out what I had seen was historically correct with dress etc.
A lot of people ask the question if you are in a trance and having had a past life regression over 25 years ago and now recently with Fernanda I would liken the feeling to be when you are so relaxed before going to sleep, you are not asleep but completely aware of your surroundings being deeply relaxed.

I would highly recommend a session with Fernanda as she makes you feel safe in her presence and it is easy to open up with her, Fernanda is such a warm caring person you will be in good hands for the depth that QHHT takes you inside yourself and your higher self knowledge.

Thank you Fernanda for helping me explore my questions and for the clarity I received with you."


Musical Instruments


"Thank you for the session it was a well explained, calm and enlightening session. Which is unfolding over time."


Ancient Stone Sculpture


Fernanda was very welcoming and very informative. She explained me every step, how to trust my intuition and she also mentioned the moments of doubt and how to handle them. Her voice was very soothing, and suitable for what she does. She offered me plenty of time before and after the hypnosis in order to learn more about me and to help me with my questions. I definitely recommend and I hope to visit her again..” 


Danube River Budapest


"I had a very good experience having my QHHT session with you and I would do it again and recommend your services to others.

You were very professional and created a friendly atmosphere where I could relax and open up, your place is friendly and comfortable, peaceful and quiet.

You have conducted the session very professionally and always tried to find the way for the information to come through.

I'm very happy with the service I received."


Predator's Love


"The QHHT session we had in the 11/11/20 at 11am was so powerful it changed my life, I had already done a lot of energy work, meditation and spiritual work but I wasn’t prepared for the clarity on which the past lives presented themselves, I had anticipated something else but it was like clear recollections of a life I had, I felt such overwhelming love even in the despair of one of my lives there seemed to be so much hope so much love and so much light that even writing this now lights my heart up and gives me the shivers. The fact that both my children have been in my past lives was very powerful indeed, as I knew we had a very strong connection but to see how that has played out in past lives was truly awe inspiring. The death experience of leaving my body was one of joy and peace and more love and light, that I couldn’t wait to get to the spirit world, I experienced no sense of loss at may death but an understanding that this is why those things happened. It cleared up things around my I always felt my thought was constricted I had always thought I may have drowned in a past life but in fact being strangled suddenly it all made perfect sense and I stopped being fearful, I also understood why it happened and felt absolutely no animosity towards the person. I undertook that the light I see in my children eyes I have seen before which is such a beautiful thing. When I got to where I was going after my death I was so happy if was such a lovely experience and that heaven is within all of us we just have to look a little more, the lightness and energy I felt then I still feel now. Even during these challenging times I feel grounded, grateful to you and full of hope that this world we live in is our Shambala we create our New Earth with every light we shine every word of hope and act of love and compassion.


There are no words to describe my gratitude for my journey."

Maree (Follow up testimonial)

Oil Paint


"The QHHT session with Fernanda was very interesting. I had past life regressions done before and they were a very different experiences. What was fascinating about the QHHT session was that you are actually getting your own answers to your own questions. Fernanda has a very calming voice when she guides you through meditation to hypnosis, you can certainly feel vulnerable but safe at the same time in her presence. The lives and events that took place were like a dream with visions and I was both the actor in some parts and an observer in the other. The death transitions were pretty awesome, it was actually the nicest and lightest place to be before transitioning back to the physical. Connecting with my Higher Self and other aspects of my soul were enriching and gave me a sense of oneness. One part of the hypnosis was a healing body scan and that felt wonderful. There was a shift in my physical body and the tension in my shoulders and my back released quite a bit. The answer to this came through too.  The hypnosis itself was a few hours process and definitely worth experiencing if you are exploring the depths of your own being. And what a journey that is!"


Adult and Baby Elephant


"Fernanda e uma excelente profissional e pessoa muito amorosa que soube com todo amor e respeito me direcionar nos meus pontos de dificuldades durante a sessao, isso me deixou muito confortavel  e segura." 



Floating Hearts


“ Dear Fernanda,


Thank you SOOOOO MUCH for a Mind blowing session that took me by a surprise, to say the least. I came to you broken physically as well as mentally and I am on high since the session. I feel energised, motivated and hopeful for the future. For 5 full days I felt like I was on high. I felt like a new person. On the 6th day I had a drop and felt tired, possibly as I spent those 5 solid days invested fully in getting rid of stuff I accumulated over the years. However, day 7 came and I felt great again and still am. Your session was eye opening and although it reminded me of some things I already knew but forgot about it also taught me new things and new possibilities. I will definitely be back."


Yellow Water Lily


"Dr Fernanda is a friendly, nice and highly-educated person. She is a scientist in the cancer field. The cross-field background does give me the conviction that the spiritual learning and the scientific subject could be bridged together sometime in the future.

We had 1.5 hours conversion, introducing each other before the QHHT started. The QHHT took us 3.5 hours and the connection was made between me and my higher-self. On the other hand, I felt warm and even sweating before we completed the session. Fernanda suggested that the increase in body temperature maybe caused by the higher frequency energy flowing into the body, which could be the possible physical proof that the connection was made.

To sum up, for those who never had experience in QHHT, Fernanda is a very good start for you to experience in the spiritual world, and for those who have been there before, she could also exchange ideas with you with her experience and knowledge in some other aspects in the spiritual world, such as mediation, astral projection, and some other interesting topics. I am very happy that Fernanda and I have crossed our life-time line."


Sunrise over the Wheat Field


I got in touch with Fernanda regarding a case study session, she said she had all her case studies but was willing to help me and she directed me to her website, I knew after reading her website that I really wanted a session with her, I felt drawn to her, she has a wealth of experience and knowledge behind her from other fields and I just sensed her energy and her expanded awareness.


Fernanda facilitated a beautiful session with me and held a sacred and safe space for me to share my inner experiences of other life times and dimensions. She asked the right questions and patiently listened while I expressed the unfolding healing journeys.

Fernanda is a very experienced therapist/facilitator and I would highly recommend her for a QHHT session should your heart feel  called.


Colorful Bubbles


"Fernanda is a very friendly, caring and patient person that will listen to your concerns and answer them in a way that is re-assuring, calming, and informative. With her QHHT training and career background, Fernanda is able to relate to your questions in an intellectual and compassionate manner, which is helpful for relieving the anxiety one may have before a QHHT session. The session went really well and all the points raised were covered during the altered state and most answers came through. After the session, upon reflection, some things experienced during the session made more sense and there was some clarity, which tells me that the QHHT session was a success. Fernanda is also quite knowledgeable on some other subjects relating to consciousness and readily shares her experiences and thoughts, which was wonderful to hear. I would wholeheartedly recommend that you book a session and explore your limitless reality with her." 


Buddha Statue


Deep, transformative, unexpected, healing, awakening...I am without enough words to describe my positive and deep experience with two QHHT sessions realised by Fernanda! I had previously just some superficial idea of what to expect, but not compared with what was in fact experienced. Those sessions helped me to achieve the desirable clarity of inner issues that required some light to be overcome.


Now, I feel much more confident to take some important actions toward the changes that I want to create in my life. If you look for more self-awareness, if you desire to connect with your soul and unleash your inner power, QHHT is a powerful tool in this direction. Fernanda is a skilled, empathetic, and supportive facilitator that you can trust to be with you in this journey. If you feel ´called` to experience QHHT with

Fernanda, follow your intuition! You definitely will be in wonderful hands. 


Antler in Nature


For those of you seeking health, reconnection, guidance, healing, purpose of life, answers...this amazing hypnotherapy and healing technique  might be an answer. I highly recommend Fernanda Castro and QHHT, truly amazing! You helped me greatly to find my way back to myself. You are a light and a sunshine! Thank you! xx




Wow, thank you Fernanda.

I am SO glad our paths crossed and we met.


Video testimonial:


Orange Blossom


​Many thanks for your guidance, measured responses and patience.




I am very grateful I had this experience with you because you handled it with kindness, compassion and care. If I came across you and I have been somehow willing-brave-courageous-naive to embrace this, I want to carry on and clear it for good in order to make space for plenty of more wonderful people and experiences coming in.


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