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Past life regression

It is not my desire to prove the validity of life after death and the existence of past lives. However, if this concept triggers your curiosity or is already part of your belief system, then hypnotherapy can be a very successful tool for further exploration.


The most important fact to consider is that your own subconscious mind is showing a particular scenario for a reason, independent of it being defined as a past-life or a symbolic dream. Of all the infinite things it could have shown you, it has chosen this specific one because it is relevant to you now. So my advice is not to restrict yourself with labels and definitions and simply focus on the message rather than the messenger.

Similar to the age regression technique described previously when we access memories from early childhood, we can also go further back to a time before you were born into your current life experience. By doing so, we can identify traumas or buried emotions from these lives that have carried over and are affecting your current life in a negative way.

The subconscious mind is connected to what Carl Jung calls the collective consciousness, or what religious or spiritual beliefs call the Akashic records, God, Creator, Source, Universal Intelligence or Energy. This collective consciousness is beyond our current comprehension or imagination. It is expansive, limitless and holds the record of all our experiences in this current life and in all the other lives and forms of expression we may have experienced. I believe that the subconscious is the link to the superconscious or collective consciousness, which is the soul’s storehouse or hard drive of historical data.





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Dolores Cannon - Creator of QHHT

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QHHT is a very effective tool which can help you in your individual and unique inward journey of self-discovery and growth.  The subconscious mind is a multilevel and multi-dimensional source which knows everything about your life, much of which you will not remember at a conscious level. If you were conscious of every piece of information that your brain is taking in at each moment, you would not be able to function as there would be an overload of information and decision-making processes. Rather like the way that your computer crashes when you have too many applications open at the same time.

Nevertheless, every event is recorded and stored away from your conscious mind ready to be uncovered to reveal the wealth of “forgotten” knowledge and wisdom stored within your expanded consciousness.

During the QHHT (or Beyond Quantum Healing BQH) session a deeper state of trance is achieved, which allows the practitioner to create a direct dialogue with your subconscious mind. This process and experience can be very empowering and helpful in clarifying the many questions you may have about why you behave in certain ways, or keep repeating patterns of behaviour, or being attracted to certain people and situations. Your subconscious mind can also give you clues to why certain un-balanced areas of the body are leading to disease (dis-ease) or physically painful manifestations.

Cosmic child freedom

The main focus of this potentially one-off session of self-discovery is to help you to REMEMBER and REBALANCE any distorted perceptions, thoughts, emotions or energies that you may have created subconsciously. As you project these positives changes outwards, you will REJOICE in a more balanced, stable and joyful life.

This technique also allows you to explore what is called the Life Review or Life in between Life stages, where information regarding the contracts or planned main lessons or challenges of this current or past lives can be identified.

Spiritual regression gives you the opportunity to verify your own immortality and experience the unlimited, expansive and immortal version of yourself. By experiencing a past life or the non-physical consciousness part of yourself via your own physical senses can be very liberating and healing, especially in situations when our deep-rooted fear of death and our mortality is being challenged in life. Many clients report experiencing themselves as multi-dimensional beings, relating to their environment in a similar way to that described by Near Death Experiencers (NDE) when they encounter an expanded consciousness beyond the physical body.

A few of the commonly reported benefits of a QHHT/BQH session:

  • Finding answers to life questions that are important to you

  • Connecting with a version of yourself that has a higher perspective and wisdom when analyzing events in your life

  • Achieving spiritual growth and development

  • Helping to understand past experiences and to forgive others and/or yourself for specific events or choices​

  • Setting future direction and life purpose

  • Clarifying career transition

  • Identifying the root of certain fears/phobias and how to overcome them

  • Answering metaphysical questions

  • Releasing deeply buried psychological and emotional trauma

  • Understanding relationship dynamics or repetitive patterns

  • Clarifying weird or unexplained occurrences in your life

  • Understanding the meaning of recurring dreams/nightmares

  • Identifying the origin of food allergies and the best way to manage them

  • Experiencing another aspect of yourself from a much higher and very loving, non- judgmental perspective

  • Releasing or alleviating common fears of death, abandonment, rejection and judgement

  • Relief of physical discomfort 

Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH®) is based on QHHT and was developed by one of Dolores Cannon students and employee, Candace Craw-Goldman. This modality allows for the added flexibility of incorporating other methodologies during the QHHT session and for it to be performed online, if appropriate. 

To read a few of  my clients' testimonials please click here.

"I regard consciousness as fundamental regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness. "

     Max Planck, father of quantum physics

           Nobel Prize in Physics 1918. 

To read more about Dolores Cannon the creator and developer of QHHT, please visit her website on: 

Here is a Dolores Cannon interview at The Moore Show discussing the benefits of revisiting and releasing past traumas using QHHT and healing the soul.

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